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Information about Round One Playoff Game vs. Thomson
The Warhawks will kickoff against the Thomson Bulldogs Friday 13 Nov at 7:30pm in Thomson Ga. The game will be at "The Brickyard". The address at the Guard Armory by the stadium is 612 Main St, Thomson, GA 30824. Spectator parking is across
Directions to Football Games
Author: Mark Burnette
Need directions to each game?  Click on "Schedule" then the game you are interested in and there will be a Google map link in the actual event.  In most cases when you click on the link it will take you to an overhead picture of t
New TDC Officers & Executive Council
Author: Mark Burnette
Congratulations to our new officers and executive council: President: Lee Wingate VP: Erik Sant Treasurer: Keith Lauritsen Secretary: Tillman Oxford Executive Council: Mark Burnette, Jimmy Williams, Tonya Smith, Jerry Lee, Mike Byrd, Danny Rosal
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